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Duration and Terms 

LOTRONIC SA products are guaranteed for 2 years (except lamps, batteries, leads, sprays and all consumables) from the date of sale to the end consumer. The warranty does not apply to defects dues to mishandling, wrong installation, changes and/or damages due to one or more external causes.The warranty does only apply to products for domestic use. Any professional use by a physical or legal person reduces the warranty period to 6 months. Batteries are only guaranteed for 6 months.

The warranty covers all defaults except the following :

It does not cover defects due to impacts, shocks, falls, liquids getting in contact with electrical parts, wrong installation or misuse, use not in accordance with the instruction manual, damages due to transport and shipment conditions, use of accessories and/or spares not distributed by LOTRONIC SA, bad maintenance and foreign objects inside the housing.  The warranty does not cover the replacement of wear parts or consumables.Finally, the warranty is not applicable if the defect or the breakage is due to a manufacturing defect or a design fault. The warranty does not apply if the unit has been disassembled, even partially. LOTRONIC SA cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages due to the disrespect of conditions of use such as described in the manual, and more specifically recommendations of use, installation and maintenance of the unit. LOTRONIC SA cannot be held responsible for all direct or indirect damages due to an external cause such as voltage surges due to a thunderstorm or works on the electricity network. 

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